The Use of Submetering in Residential and Commercial Settings Promotes Conservation and Increases Income

Multifamily Utility Company helps owners and managers decrease operating costs while promoting conservation through the use of water, gas, and electric submeters.
Multifamily Utility Company is one of the leading utility submetering companies to offer submetering of water, gas and electricity to commercial and multifamily residential properties. With over 20 years of experience, Multifamily Utility offers numerous services relating to utility submetering, conservation, and management while providing proven excellence in customer service, reliability, and dependability.

Multifamily living units and commercial structures have historically had their utility usage included with their rent rather than calculated and billed based on actual consumption. This leads to little or no incentive to conserve the resource. In turn this has a negative effect on the property owner’s net operating income (NOI) and is wasting both renewable and nonrenewable natural resources.

Requiring tenants to pay for their actual utility usage will practically guarantee that residents will refrain from being wasteful and helping to save our rapidly depleting natural resources. Landlords will save money too, even if they are not charging rent that includes utilities. When less water flows through fixtures, when less electricity flows through light bulbs, and when less gas travels through pipes, there is less wear-and-tear on these delivery systems and appliances which translates to less maintenance costs and a higher NOI for the landlord.

Multifamily Utility Company sells, installs, monitors, and services some of the most reputable non-proprietary meters and electronic meter reading systems such as Neptune, Master Meter, Elster, Wellspring, E-Mon, IMS/Leviton, Inovonics and Norgas. All of their submeters are code-compliant and once installed, their staff works with your maintenance crew to resolve any issues that may arise. They can install submeters in new construction or can retrofit or replace established utility submetering systems. They take responsibility for reading meters, sending bills to tenants, receiving payments, and disbursing utility charges back to the property owner or manager. Taking the administrative burden of billing from the owners and managers lets them continue to focus on the property and tenants.