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Supply Timeline & Phased Installation Process


Here is a brief description of how we typically supply equipment for each project. You will see the following phases outlined on our proposals with the equipment described itemized in each phase.

Phase 1 – Couplings and Flow Tubes

These are spacer tubes that get installed during the rough-in plumbing stage in place of the meters. The reason for this is that meters cannot be installed until the system has been flushed and pressure tested: this process will ruin them. The flow tubes are the exact length of the meters and simply act as placeholders until the meters can be installed. This is the least expensive and usually the longest phase of the project. We can supply these as early as you would like, and they will typically stay installed until the building is close to completion.

Phase 2 – Meters and Transmitters

Once the system has been flushed and pressure tested we will supply you with the Meter/Transmitter sets for the project plumber to install. Flow tubes will be removed and replaced with a Meter set. Each Meter/Transmitter set is a meter with a transmitter connected and strapped to it. Each meter has a wire coming out of the head called a “pulse wire.” As the meter counts it sends a pulse through that wire to say “I counted.” A transmitter gets connected to that wire to receive those meters counts. The transmitter then sends that information wirelessly to the central electronics. The transmitters will be pre-wired and strapped to the meter. The whole system will be pre-configured upon shipment. The plumber will not have to worry about any of the electronics. They will simply install the Meter/Transmitter sets like they would any other meter.

Phase 3 – Central Electronics

Usually, around or just after TCO, one of our technicians will come out to install the Central Data Collector (the brains of the system), and signal boosters. The Central Data Collector requires access to a standard wall power outlet and an active Ethernet connection. We recommend that this is installed somewhere on the base floor of residential units, that has little to no resident access (i.e. COM Room, IDF Closet). The signal boosters will get installed on every other floor of the building. We recommend that these also get installed in a COM or IDF room. Signal boosters also require a standard wall power outlet. The way the system works is that the transmitters send the meter counts wirelessly to the Central Data Collector, which collects and stores the data, and then pushes it to the web for online meter reading. The signal boosters simply help to create a strong signal throughout the building so that the transmitters can make it to the Central Data Collector.

Billing Services

Multifamily Utility Company is a top utility billing company in the country, providing great customer service and our own in-house collections team. We offer a large discount if we are chosen as the billing provider. You will see the price break-down in your Product Quote. In addition you will see the service fee and more details on how our billing portal works. We are happy to provide our technical expertise for the supply and installation of equipment with no obligation to use our billing services. 

Pricing Options

  • Option 1 pricing offers a discount on the equipment supplied when a billing services contract is entered into. This is an incentive program that we offer for our billing services. I mentioned above that we do not require the use of our billing services in order to supply equipment. We do, however, choose to incentivize them this way.
  • Option 2 pricing is our standard equipment pricing. This includes having us supplying and installing the equipment (not the meters themselves) as outlined in our proposal, but does not require a billing services contract.

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