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State Population

76-100 Gallons/Day

Per Person Water Consumption

419 Million BTUs

Energy Consumption

West Virginia

Multifamily Utility Company is a national submetering and billing company that provides utility submetering solutions throughout the USA. As one of the leading submetering and billing companies in the nation, Multifamily Utility helps property developers, owners and managers promote conservation through the use of code compliant submetering systems. Our submetering systems are perfect for either new construction projects or for old submetering systems that need to be replaced. We offer innovative products and programs that work great for various property types including student housing, marinas, new construction projects, apartment buildings, multifamily homes, mobile homes and condominiums. By working with industry leading manufactures such as Norgas, IMS, Hexagram, Neptune, American Meter and Master Meter we are able to sell, design, install, read and service non-proprietary meter systems for any situation. At Multifamily Utility we handle everything so you don’t have to. From system design, to installation, to maintenance and ongoing service we take care of it all. There are several regulations pertaining to submetering in West Virginia as well as RUBS billing in West Virginia. Request a quote, or call us today at 800.266.0968 to get more information on what we can do for you and your property!

West Virginia Legal Info

In West Virginia allocation of utility cost from the landlords to the tenants is allowed. The use of master metering (RUBS) or submetering to bill tenants for utilities are not prohibited.


Billing Service Providers are required to apply and be approved for licenses from a regulatory agency prior to starting the servicing of the client’s billing accounts. This requirement applies to several different areas of the USA. The license has to remain current and valid while doing business in these regions. The information on this page is deemed to be accurate but updates may occur at any time. Please Contact Multifamily Utility Company with your specific questions about your area of service.

West Virginia Submetering

The first step in having your new submetering system designed and installed is having a complete analysis done on the property in question. The analysis helps us better understand your goals for the proposed submetering system. Once we know what you need our experienced technicians will design a system that will help you meet the needs of your property. To help make the transition process easier we will send out notices to all residents informing them of the upcoming installation. After your new submetering system has been successfully installed meter readings will be sent to the Multifamily Utility headquarters via wireless transmitters and receivers. Our technicians will work with your staff to ensure all resident information is uploaded into our state of the art billing system as quickly as possible. Each month our state of the art billing system will read all meter information and send out individual bills to every resident. Bills will be sent via either email or regular mail. Tenants are able to make payments using our system and we will send out a reimbursement check on a monthly basis to the owner, manager, association manager or other persons in charge of receiving payments. With the rising cost of utilities submetering has proven to be one of the best ways to keep costs under control. By submetering all utilities including water, gas, electric and heating & cooling you will be able to promote and encourage conservation, improve overall property value, reduce operating expenses, stabilize rents and increase cash flow. At Multifamily Utility we offer innovative products and programs with the goal of helping property owners, managers and developers meet the needs of their property. By offering an array of products and programs we are able to provide our clients with results that endure. As our client you will have access to our friendly customer support team. There are bilingual agents that can assist you in multiple languages. If you should have any questions, concerns or issues our agents will be there to respond to and have them resolved as quickly as possible. And to ensure we handle every inquiry in a timely manner we track it from the moment it comes into our system.
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Multifamily Utility Company provides Utility Billing services to all fifty states. We stay up to date with Utility Billing regulations to ensure proper setup and a seamless, error free implementation. Find out the current utility regulations in your state. LEARN MORE

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Multifamily Utility Company is dedicated to a sustainable environment through awareness and conservation. LEARN MORE