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State Population

50-75 Gallons/Day

Per Person Water Consumption

206 Million BTUs

Energy Consumption


Multifamily Utility Company is a national submetering and billing company that provides utility submetering solutions throughout the USA. At Multifamily Utility we offer property owners, managers and developers a wide range of products from submetering through the use of submeters or with a customized Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS), we have a solution for any property. Our innovative submetering products include water meters, gas meters and electric meters as well as specialty meters to measure a variety of heating and cooling systems. All of our meters are compatible with the latest Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems which allows us to take daily meter readings for any utility. With a state-of-the-art, web-based billing system we produce monthly bills that are sent via U.S. Mail or delivered electronically directly to customer e-mail accounts. All mailed bills include a return envelope for payments via check, money order or major credit card. All customers have online account access and can also pay their utility bill by eCheck or major credit card online. Promoting conservation (water conservation, gas conservation or electricity conservation) is typically the main consideration when looking into a submetering or customized RUBS program. Multifamily Utility is devoted to conservation and can provide an assessment and recommendation of a variety of conservation products to help meet your conservation goals. Request a quote, or call us today at 800.266.0968 to get more information on what we can do for you and your property!

Vermont Legal Info

Vermont has the most complicated sets of rules and regulations when it comes to utility billing. In general, fees are allowed but regulated by some specific laws. However if the fees become a source of profits for the property owners, they could spell legal trouble. Using the Ratio Utility Billing system (RUBs) is not allowed in some cities. Vermont is considered one of the most complicated places to implement a submetering system. Vermont has specific rules regarding the meter approval and licensing of installers.


Billing Service Providers are required to apply and be approved for licenses from a regulatory agency prior to starting the servicing of the client’s billing accounts. This requirement applies to several different areas of the USA. The license has to remain current and valid while doing business in these regions. The information on this page is deemed to be accurate but updates may occur at any time. Please Contact Multifamily Utility Company with your specific questions about your area of service.

Vermont Submetering

In the state of Vermont a person operating a recreational campground may provide submetered electric service to campground users on a nonprofit basis, if such service is provided in accordance with rules adopted by the board, including rules relating to notice of rates and charges, accuracy of electrical submeters, and reasonable billing and complaint procedures. Multifamily Utility, one of the leading submetering and billing companies in the state of Vermont, can help property owners, managers and developers better serve customers through the use of submeters. We work with industry leading manufacturers which allows us to sell, install, read and service non-proprietary meter systems to and for various property types including marinas, student housing, apartment buildings, condominiums, new construction, multifamily homes and military housing. Some of the industry leading manufacturers we work with include Neptune, IMS, American Meter, Norgas, Hexagram, Master Meter, Wellspring and Elster. At Multifamily Utility we take care of everything so you don’t have to. Not only will we design a submetering system for your property, but we will also install it, maintain it and provide ongoing service for as long as you are using the system. Before we can design and install a new submetering system we do a complete analysis on the property in question. During the analysis one of our experienced technicians will find out your needs and your goals for the new submetering system. We will then take that information and design a system that helps you meet the needs of the property. If the state of Vermont requires inspection and testing before installation we will make sure that gets done. Once all submetering equipment has been approved we will schedule installation and move forward with the project. Before installation begins we will send notices to all residents on your behalf. This will help make the transition process a lot smoother. After our experienced technicians have properly installed your new submetering system its time to upload all resident information into our state of the art billing system. We will work with your staff to make sure all uploaded information is accurate and complete. Once all resident information has been uploaded our state of the art billing system will take over and do all the hard work for you. Each month meter readings will be sent to the Multifamily Utility headquarters via wireless transmitters and receivers. We will then take that information, process it, and send out monthly bills to each resident. Residents will then be able to make payment via our state of the art billing system. To make the payment process easy and convenient we offer residents multiple payment options. Once all payments have been received we will send a reimbursement check to the appropriate person every month. Other services we offer include Customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems, Resident Expense Management, Utility Expense Management, Meter Maintenance & Compliance and Billing & Collections. As a client of Multifamily Utility you will have access to our friendly customer support team. No matter what the issue or concern, we will be there to get it resolved in a timely and professional manner.
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Multifamily Utility Company provides Utility Billing services to all fifty states. We stay up to date with Utility Billing regulations to ensure proper setup and a seamless, error free implementation. Find out the current utility regulations in your state. LEARN MORE

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