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Cass has $1.5 Billion in assets


Cass processes 76,000 bills per shift with their state-of-the-art mail handling and scanning technology

Reduces Cost

On average, you can expect to save $6 to $8 per bill when Cass collects and pays your master utility bills.

Utility Expense Management


“The Utility Expense Management service offered by Multifamily Utility and Cass allows our team to identify high usage variances quickly, provides accurate accrual data, and eliminates the need to process and mail utility payments resulting in significant AP savings.”

Stephen Furtek, Vice President of Accounting, Lindy Communities

Reduce Utility Costs for Your Community

We all try to do more with less, and managing utility master bills might be a task that makes sense to outsource. It can cost up to $20 to process each invoice for payment, and that’s when things go well. Our partnership with Cass ensures you get top tier service and your bills are processed and paid accurately. From receipt to payment is just three days, allowing you to avoid late fees and shut-off notices, saving your staff time, and you money.

Benefits of Using UEM

  • Data from your utility bills becomes actionable insight that allows for fast problem resolution, identification of variances, and accurate accruals.
  • Saves a significant amount of both time and money.
  • Bills collected, paid, and posted back to your G/L or AP application.
  • Avoids shut-off notices and late fees.
  • Cass performs dozens of audits to ensure bills are accurate.

Proactive Management from Invoice Receipt to Payment

Cass incorporates rigorous quality controls to ensure a reliable and proactive process from invoice arrival, through data capture, and to payment.

Cass uses advanced EDI, web retrieval, optical character recognition (OCR) techniques and highly efficient paper handling processes to quickly and accurately capture, review, and validate all incoming invoices. And when invoices are late, we contact the vendor to minimize late payments and service disruption.

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Cass is America’s largest utility bill processing and payment provider – managing more than $13 billion in annual facility-related spend – Cass delivers unmatched speed, reliability, and confidence in the process – and the data.

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Multifamily Utility Company provides Utility Billing services to all fifty states. We stay up to date with Utility Billing regulations to ensure proper setup and a seamless, error free implementation. Find out the current utility regulations in your state. LEARN MORE

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