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Why Submetering?

When residents are billed for their direct consumption they are more likely to conserve. The submetering system provides the tools for maximum utility expense recovery and conservation.

Installation and Maintenance

Multifamily Utility Company offers innovative submetering systems to be installed during the construction phase or to retrofit an existing community. Our Master Plumbers and technicians design and provide equipment to ensure high system performance, resolve common issues and minimize maintenance costs.

Smart Investment

Installation of a submetering system at your community will add value to the asset. In most cases, your investment is recovered within the first 6 months with the meters lasting 15-20 years.

Submetering Design, Installation and Maintenance

According to the National Apartment Association (“NAA”), residents who pay their water consume up to 39% less than those whose water costs are included in their rent. If the 25 million apartments in the US implemented sub-metering of water, up to 500 billion gallons of water could be saved annually, saving owners and residents as much as $3 billion annually.

Increase Property Value While Recovering Utility Costs

Implementing a submetering system is a valuable solution to recovering utility expenses. A submetering system ensures a community can accurately monitor every resident’s utility consumption and hold them accountable for their usage. A submetering system can be implemented for utilities including water, sewer, electric, and gas. In most cases, our low monthly service fee is passed to the resident creating no additional fees for the property owner or management. Combined with our property management software integration for on-site payments or resident payment processing, we are your all-inclusive partner in recovering utility costs.

Benefits of Using Submetering

  • Bill residents for direct usage
  • Increase property value
  • Quick return on investment

Choosing the right billing company is critical to ensuring you recover as much utility expense you can. Don’t cut corners with the lowest-cost provider since you’ll sacrifice service, and may wind up losing money. Multifamily Utility provides dedicated Account Managers and an extended-hour service team to take care of you and your residents, and to make sure your recovery program works as promised.

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