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Learn More About Our Customized Programs For Your Multifamily Community


The ultimate utility expense recovery solution. Our quality submeters have a fast ROI and a long life. We only use the highest quality products and we will design, install, and maintain your submetering system.

Ratio Utility Billing Systems

Benefits of Using Ratio Utility Billing include zero capital investment, reduce operating costs, and encourages conservation.

Vacant Cost Recovery

With Vacant Cost Recovery (VCR), the property will never have to pay for an occupied unit’s utility costs. VCR is a solution Multifamily Utility Company offers to help the property recover utility costs of occupied units.

Convergent Billing

Multiple bills can confuse residents, so when a property chooses Convergent Billing they have a higher probability of collecting payment.

Utility Expense Management

Avoid late fees and shutoffs, micromanaging master utility bills, and monitoring rates with our comprehensive utility expense management program.

Utility Benchmarking

Required for green loans and California properties, utility benchmarking is the process of tracking, analyzing, and reporting the costs and consumption associated with a property.

Energy Audits

Find out where your utility expenses may be needlessly occurring with an energy audit that can find costly problems and opportunities to optimize your services.

Energy Procurement

Received the best energy contracts with our energy procurement program that helps you negotiate agreements with better terms and conditions.


Collecting residents’ payments can be a hassle for property managers and leasing agents. Our collections program takes care of this for you while treating your residents with the best service possible.

Meter Maintenance

Get completely accurate readings with our meter maintenance program that ensures your meters are not faulty and are reading the actual amount being consumed.

Utility Invoice Auditing

Identify and recover expensive billing errors with our proprietary utility invoice auditing program.

Utility Rate & Tariff Analysis

Gain the confidence you are paying the best rate and avoiding NOI-damaging overcharges with our utility rate and tariff analysis.

Smart Thermostats

Our new SetpointControl electricity program provides a smart thermostat in each unit to allow property owners and managers to remotely control temperatures inside each unit. The smart software allows authorized users to account for the direction the unit faces, seasonal temperatures, and other factors to create a comfortable, yet efficient, utility management program.

Solar Financing

Multifamily Utility continues to innovate in the area of bringing you the most effective ways to manage your energy costs and we’re proud to introduce a new solar financing program with Pacific Coast Power for panels, installation, and even your submeters.

Metered Electric Car Charging

The i-meter EVCMC system is cost-effective for existing properties because you don’t need to add more electrical circuits. This electrical innovation protects your existing infrastructure by alternating and distributing the power to multiple chargers.