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Water Products

For orders of 10 or more:

Master Meter Flexible Axis Meter (FAM)

The Flexible Axis Meter is unique in that in be placed nearly anywhere and at any angle while the FAM measuring chamber always remains horizontal for accurate, quiet operation.

Master Meter Classic Multi-Jet

5/8″, 3/4″, & 1″ Sizes
The perfect balance between accuracy, cost, and longevity. With sensitivity to measure water flowing as low as 1/8 gallon per minute and accuracy unaffected by common particulates and build-up.

Master Meter Bottom Load Multi-Jet

5/8″, 3/4″, & 1″ Sizes
These meters represent the perfect balance between accuracy, cost and longevity with sensitivity to measure water flowing as low as 1/8 gallon per minute and accuracy unaffected by common particulates and build-up.

Master Meter Hot Water Meters

5/8″ to 2″ Sizes
Velocity-type meter meeting or exceeding the performance requirements of AWWA Standard C-708. Water flows past an impeller in the measuring chamber, creating an impeller velocity directly proportional to water flow rate.

Master Meter Intermediate Multi-Jets

1.5″ to 2″ Sizes
Available in bolt-flange or threaded designs. Modular Register design means easy upgrades to newer reading technologies, without the cost of changing out the whole meter.

Master Meter Electrical Output Registers

For Multi-Jet Meters
Electrical output registers compatible with Master Meter 5/8″ to 2″ Multi-jet Cold or Hot Water Meters and 2″ to 12″ Turbine Meters providing single or double contact closure corresponding to defined volume increments.

Neptune T-10 Meter

5/8”, 3/4”, & 1” Sizes
Every T-10 water meter meets or exceeds the latest AWWA C700 Standard. Its nutating disc, positive displacement principle is time-proven for accuracy and dependability since 1892, ensuring maximum utility revenue.

Neptune Aquity Meter

The Aquity meter is a shorter lay length water meter for use in submetering applications where the property owner of multi-family properties can shift fixed water costs to tenants.

Sensus SR-AccuSTREAM

5/8″ to 1″ Sizes
These magnetic drive positive displacement meters use an oscillating piston to provide superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications or similar service needs.

Sensus SR

5/8″ to 2″ Sizes
These positive displacement magnetic drive Sealed Register (SR®) meters feature bronze maincases and a unique tamper-proof design that prevents unauthorized removal of the internally locked register. Available with standard read and encoder registers.

Sensus SR II

5/8″ to 1″ Sizes
The magnetic drive SR II® meter design includes a high quality cast bronze maincase, dual inlet ports and streamlined flow pattern to provide lasting measurement accuracy and deliver years of dependable service.

Sensus PMM

5/8″ to 2″ Sizes
These meters feature extreme low flow sensitivity and superior reliability over a range of flows. Their registers feature large, easy to read numbers, a full width sweep hand and low flow (leak) detector.

Elster Cold Water

Positive Displacement
Elster AMCO Water’s C700 oscillating piston type water meters are the most advanced design positive displacement meters available.

Elster Single Jet

For connection to AMR systems, the S130 can be equipped with a dry contact reed switch pulser, rated at 4 watts, which requires power from an external source. The unit is to be wired in series with no regard to polarity.

Elster Registers

The Elster AMCO absolute encoder interfaces to electronic and Automatic Meter Reading systems to reduce meter reading and customer service costs. Encoder reading increases efficiency by reducing reading time and eliminating human error.

Badger Disk Series

The Recordall family of Disc meter in a Bronze Low Lead Alloy. The Low Lead Alloy (Trade Designation: MLP LL) meter complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and carries the NSF-61 Mark on the housing.

Intellimeter Water Meter

The Intellimeter water meters can be used to provide local or remote water consumption readings for your commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and multi-residential buildings.
Both hot and cold water meters meet Class B of ISO 4064. They are available upon request in a variety of sizes and capacities. Communication protocols: M-Bus or pulse output.

Hersey Meters

Hersey Meters offers a complete line of Positive Displacement water meters in 5/8″ through 2″ sizes. The largest measuring chambers in the business allow these water meters to outperform their competition.

Rugged and durable bronze cases provide the Positive Displacement Meters, a solid base for years of unsurpassed service. With the basics covered, the only decision left to make is which of the Hersey reading systems you need. Whether it’s the standard visual read register or the Translator Encoder register with any of the available Hersey radio read systems, you’ll get the same great tamper protection and Hersey quality that’s been available for over 140 years.

Wellspring Point-Of-Use Water Meters

Wellspring designs and manufactures a family of submetering and control products which employ an open protocol 2-way radio that complies with IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee radio standards.

The Aqura (pronounced Ak-ur-a) submeter marries the Wellspring radio with microprocessor based algorithms and a precision flow sensor made by SIKA of Germany. SIKA has been designing and manufacturing laboratory temperature and flow sensors for over 100 years.

The SIKA turbine flow sensor includes an internal pump that cools and lubricates a sapphire thrust bearing, and two PEEK sleeve bearings. This patented high-tech bearing system allows the SIKA sensor to perform predictably and repeatably throughout its range from 0.25 to 8.0 gpm, meeting IAPMO, ASME, ANSI, AWWA and NIST accuracy standards. At typical residential system flow rates, pressure loss is under 4 psi.

Aqura submeters may be applied in any water line that experiences less than 8 gallons per minute of maximum flow, including the main line feed of most 1 and 1.5 bathroom apartments, hot water heaters, and appliances. If flow rates are expected to exceed 8 gpm, use of larger water meters and Wellspring Energy Monitors (one Monitor for every 4 meters) are recommended.

It is often necessary to meter hot and cold water separately, because existing plumbing systems lack a single line feed or single shut-off valve. This can be done with two flow sensors, and only one Aqura radio. If each apartment unit has a hot water heater, Wellspring recommends application of meters at the cold feed to the heater, at each toilet, and at the cold feed to the clothes washer. This approach (2 or 3 meters per unit) captures 90% of water use, missing only the cold water fed to the sinks and cold side of the tub/shower.

If both cold and hot water enter the apartment through shared riser pipes, metering of the tub, shower, toilet, kitchen hot and laundry are recommended (4 to 5 meters per unit). Metering of the cold-water feed to the kitchen, and either cold or hot in the bathroom lavatory capture very little usage. This point-of-use metering approach allows recovery of water AND domestic hot water energy use, which aggregate to a value that justifies the higher cost of multiple meters over a payback period that is usually less than 2 years.

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