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Improve Net Operating Income in Thirty Days

If you are looking for ways to reduce cost and increase profitability, you’ve come to the right place. We provide customized Submetering and Utility Billing Solutions for Multifamily Communities.

Here are some savings our customers are realizing:

Property 1 – 199 units, 24 floors, built in 1970
Upgraded chiller, installed electric submeters – saving $72,747 per year

Property 2 – 90 units, 23 floors, built in 1978
Installed electric submeters – saving $35,297 per year

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Submetering – System Design, Installation and Meter Maintenance for Multifamily Communities.

Billing – Timely and Accurate Billing and Collection Service to Increase the Profit Margins Without Increasing the Rents.

Automated Invoice Processing – Avoid Late Fees, Achieve Conservation and Reduce Risk.

RUBS – Customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems Implemented With No Initial Investment.



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What Makes Us The #1 Choice

From System Design and Installation to Maintenance and Ongoing Service We Handle Everything.

Billing & Collections

Multifamily Utility Company is committed to timely and accurate billing every month. We utilize a state-of-the-art web-based utility billing system that simplifies the process of submetering. It allows residents unparalleled access to their data, in real-time 24/7/365 via the Internet.

Submetering and System Design

Multifamily Utility Company offers code-compliant submetering systems for both new construction, retrofit or replacement of existing systems. From system design and installation to maintenance and ongoing service we handle everything. We use licensed subcontractors when required.

Automated Invoice Processing

Multifamily communities could achieve conservation and reduce risk by taking advantage of our automated invoice processing platform. This is an exclusive program devised to help save you time and money using our utility billing expertise.

What Do Our Awesome Clients Say?


Here Are Some Great Examples of Testimonials from Our Clients.

Multifamily Utility Company has done an excellent job with our properties. They are very professional and have seamlessly transitioned many of our apartment buildings to the Ratio Utility Billing syaytem as well as setting up online automated meter reading and billing with our newer properties. I would recommend them to small and large property owners alike.”

Client from Dallas, TX

“We have found Multifamily Utility Company to be an extremely professional organization. Their representatives are always responsive and attentive to our needs, as well as being very knowledgeable of all state regulations regarding utility billing. They gave us suggestions for increasing our revenue and we have seen a marked increase in collections and revenue since we started using their services. We are very pleased with all aspects of their service and look forward to a long, continued relationship.”

Client from San Diego, CA

“We have calculated the increase in property value that comes along with submetering. For instance, on a property with 285 apartment homes with an average water bill of $7,000 per month, we can add up to $6,000 or more per month to the bottom line. At a 9 percent capitalization rate, that equates to a property value increase of $800,000.”

Client from Tampa, FL

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some Common Questions About Submetering and Ratio Utility Billing Systems.

What is Water Submetering?

Water submetering is the installation of water meters in individual units within a multifamily development (i.e. apartment communities, condominiums, mobile homes, etc.). Multifamily Utility Company will read the resident’s meter, bill the resident for their usage, collect from the resident and remit payment less the billing fee along with management reports to the property on a monthly basis.

What is RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System)?

If installing meters in each unit is not possible, RUBS would be a mathematical formula. It is a fair and legal billing method that was developed to calculate the utility costs for each resident within a multi-family community. RUBS can use square footage of the unit and/or the number of occupants to determine the cost of utilities for a unit.

How Does a Submetering System Work?

Multifamily Utility Company offers code-compliant submetering systems for new constructions, retrofits or as replacement for existing systems. From system design and installation to maintenance and ongoing service we handle everything. We sell, install, read and service non-proprietary meter systems and electronics components from industry leading manufacturers.

What Does it Cost to Implement a New Submetering System?

Please request a free consultation using the form above. We will answer all your questions and provide a practical solution-plan for your specific situation.