Multifamily Utility Company

Multifamily Utility Company, Inc. is a leading utility submetering and billing company that specializes in submetering and allocation of water, gas and electric utilities for apartments, condominiums, commercial buildings, new construction, mobile homes and military housing throughout the United States.

Providing a wide range of products and services in utility submetering, utility management and utility conservation, Multifamily Utility is committed to delivering results that endure.

Our Services


Multifamily Utility Company offers code-compliant submetering systems for both new construction and retrofit or replacement of existing systems.


Multifamily Utility Company offers a variety of customized Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) for situations where the constraints of space and/or construction do not allow a property to be submetered.


Multifamily Utility Company is committed to timely and accurate billing every month, regardless of the type of billing: submetered or RUBS. Detailed utility charges are all on a single, professional statement which is mailed and/or delivered electronically to e-mail.

Utilipay® Utility Expense Management

Utility Expense Management service by Multifamily Utility Company. Utilipay® provides expanded insight into your utility expenses and adds savings to your bottom line. Utilipay® creates substantial opportunities for returns on your investment.

REM® Resident Expense Management

Resident Expense Management cloud-based platform and service suite by Multifamily Utility Company. REM® is designed to help residents lower their utility bills through awareness, education and conservation. REM® enables residents to benchmark and compare their household consumption against other similar residence profiles while targeting cost saving opportunities.


Multifamily Utility Company uses reliable, high quality precision products from the industry's leading manufacturers of utility metering and submetering hardware. No matter the quality all meters need maintenance to ensure accuracy for the benefit of both the resident and the owner.

24/7/365 Live Customer Support

Setting the industry standard for resident and owner customer support Multifamily Utility Company has live, bilingual, agents available 24/7/365.

Collections – In house collections

With our in house collections department we handle the collections process from beginning to end to ensure the highest rate of collections in the industry. From late notices to payment plans to collection calls we handle it all.

Other Services – Variety of Services to Meet Your Property Needs

Other Services – A Variety of Services to Meet Your Property Needs Multifamily Utility Company haas a variety of complimentary services to go along with our submetering and billing options. From financing to utility expense management to convergent billing we have additional services to meet your property needs.

Our Products

There are many choices when it comes to Water, Gas and Electric submeters.

We can help you decide on the right equipment for your project and manage your project from the design to installation and startup.

With the right AMR solution we are able to remotely read any meter.

Latest News

April 2015

California governor issues unprecedented statewide water restrictions.

March 2015

Multifamily Utility Company adds additional properties in California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois and Colorado this month

January 2015

Submeters: You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure.

August 2014

Multifamily Utility Company ranks #56 on 2014 Inc. 500 list and #1 fastest growing in San Diego, CA. Click here for the full article.

May 2014

Multifamily Utility Company adds additional portfolios in Florida, Georgia and Washington DC this month

June 2013

Multifamily Utility Company launches Resident Expense Management (REM), read the press release here.

June 2013

Come see us at the 2013 National Apartment Association Conference in San Diego, CA on June 19-22. Booth #223

May 2013

Multifamily Utility Company launches new mobile apps for Residents and Managers!

April 2013

Multifamily Utility Completes new submetering projects in Hawaii, Mississippi, Alabama and California this month.

March 2013

Multifamily Utility Company plans to announce an exciting new service at NAA in June 2013, stay tuned!

February 2013

Multifamily Utility Company hires Jana Jardine to their Account Management team.

October 2012

USA TODAY analysis: Nation's water costs rushing higher

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